Message from the Pastor

This year has been one of focusing on building community, on sharing hospitality, and on our
shared life together. The year has flown by and it has been a joy to serve a congregation that is
so open and welcoming. As we look to a new year, I am hoping to focus on developing a deeper sense of personal and congregational spirituality. I am looking forward to an exciting year of growing together as a faith community.

It is a great joy for me to witness the generosity of our congregation. It does not matter if the
need is financial, or if it is physical, if it is worship help or if it is prayer that is needed – this congregation willingly and joyfully steps forward to answer the need. That is a witness to the working of God's Spirit in the hearts of our members.

It is hard to call something work when you enjoy it so much. That certainly is the case for me
when it comes to leading worship at Mary House, Kelly Houses, Edgewood, and the Oahe
Chapel. Equally as enjoyable are the opportunities I have had to open Pierre City Commission meetings with prayer as well doing the same for the legislative House and Senate sessions.

It is a wonderful benefit to me and I believe to our church, that I have the opportunity to be a
member of the Pierre/Ft Pierre Ministerial group. Also, as a member of the Presbytery of South Dakota, I remain active in Camping ministries, serving on the Camping Commission. It is
wonderful to see how God's Spirit works in youth and adult lives in a camping or retreat setting.

Our Reformed faith teaches us that God is actively involved on our lives through the power of
the Holy Spirit living within us. As we journey together through this coming year, my prayer is
that we will all allow God's Spirit to lead us in exciting and powerful ways, so that we will be
Jesus, faithful church in this place.

What exciting ... challenging ... wonderful opportunities does God have in store for you and I this coming year? What opportunities for mission and hospitality does God have in store for our congregation? With faith in the power of God's Spirit, may we blossom and grow as faithful disciples and as the Church.

Rev. John Armstrong