Mission & Vision

Vision Statement:

“We seek through God’s inspiration to touch our community and world with compassion.”

Mission Statement:

"We must grow to fulfill our vision."

To achieve our vision we must:

  • Grow our church spiritually as well as in numbers.
  • Rejuvenate Christian Education for all ages.
  • Open our hearts and minds to new opportunities.
  • Worship God in the reformed tradition putting God before ourselves.

These are our Core Values (what we believe in and actually do):

  • We gather together for worship, fellowship, and work;
  • We work with other churches;
  • We are good stewards of our money, time, and talents;
  • We want God in our life and want to see what direction God wants us to take;
  • We support local and international mission through our financial giving and personal involvement;
  • We are a part of this community and want to know what is going on;
  • We have a good education for ourselves and we want a good education for our children; and
  • We help people to discern God's gifts to them and their opportunities for service.